1: Most important - Don't bump old threads! This will get you banned!

2: This is a movie/pic post. If you want to request stuff or tell a story do it in the chat forum.

3: If you are unsure of a girls age, then don't post it. I don't want UA stuff here! That means 18+ no matter where you are from!

4: No professional videos from other sites. Only amateur/real voyeur stuff.

5: This site has an upload function. I encourage you to use it. No file hosting on other sites. I will delete those links.

6: Most of you are lurkers. Please try to post something every now and then. Either a movie or just a thank you. Without our regular posters you won't have anything to see here. They do a great job and you can keep them motivated.

7: Do not link to other similar boards/sites or paysites. I'd like to keep my users here.

8: No password sharing.

9: No celeb content.

10: No "sleeping" content.