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  1. Hi,

    Members do the voting, and it's private. There's really no best time to post. The members will definitely vote for their favorite video, whether posted early or late in the month. People can't change their votes, the voting starts the following month and goes for 7 days... once you vote, you can't change it. This month is actually a good month to submit to the contest, there is very few entries... there are months where it goes 3 pages deep.
  2. Just curious about the monthly contest. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I went through about 20 pages of questions and couldn't find it. Who does the voting other members and can you see who is getting the votes or is it private. I just found this forum and obviously very uninformed as to how it works. Sorry for the newb question. Also, is it best to post early in the month so you get more votes or can people change their vote as other people make posts? I can enter something for may but don't want to waste time with only about 10 days left in the month. Thanks
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