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Thread: The curious teenager

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    Default The curious teenager

    During our summer vacations on the beach, my girlfriend said she needed to talk with me. She looked like embarrassed and when she began to talk, she really was. She said she knew my son (from my first marriage) was always peeking at her when she was sunbathing, in her nightgown, whenever. And it was making her very uncomfortable. She said it was normal for boys of his age to be curious so she had not said anything at first, but since he kept doing she was forced to mention it to me.

    She could not understand why he had started this, so I tried to explain about the nonstop sex fever that hit most guys at a certain age. I told her that he probably just wanted an image for his fantasies, and when he saw something interesting hed probably leave her alone.

    First she thought I was lying, then that I was kidding. She repeated this statement, saying, "Really?" Well, I was already imagining her following through, so I confirmed my theory. She brought it up a couple more times that night and seemed to be considering some action.

    The next day was Saturday and I left early for going fishing all the morning. When I arrived she told me about her morning. She said my son was in the kitchen and she was had been thinking in my theory. She was heading downstairs in a long robe but she changed her mind and went back to her room and removed the robe. She said her heart was pounding as she took it off. She came downstairs, where Peter was eating, wearing just a sleeveless white t-shirt and yellow panties.

    She was determined to act as though nothing was unusual, so greeted him casually as she walked in and got some juice. She told me she could see her reflection in the picture window, could see how she looked and Peter's eyes on her immediately. She went about making her breakfast as Peter watched from the kitchen table.

    He clearly didn't know what to think; he just sat and tried not to stare too obviously as she moved around the kitchen. She told me she had a hard time at first trying not to feel embarrassed at his level of excitement, and kept chatting to give him time and an excuse to look right at her. With her breakfast ready, she moved to the table and sat across from Peter, with her back to the sunny window. She ate, getting up now and then, getting juice for him to provide an excuse to stay longer and another look at her entire body.

    Then, she asked Peter when his father would be back. Hearing it would be a couple of hours still, she announced that she had some laundry to do, and that she'd be right back. Peter hadn't moved when she returned, she put some things in the washer and then crossed her arms, took her t-shirt from the bottom and pulled it up taking it off over her head and threw it inside the washing machine, revealing her glorious rack inside a matching yellow bra. As she moved around she could feel her breasts moving just a little, and her nipples dragging across the fabric. She really had his attention, then. Peter moved to a seat at the counter, a few feet from her. She made a show out of washing several bras and panties while he watched. She told me about washing one of her favorite sheer bras, then holding it up, wet and even more sheer, then turning and smiling through the fabric at my son.

    She finished, but was still very excited and not ready to stop showing off. There were hanging plants in front of the window, so she decided to water them. Peter was still at the table, just looking, as she filled a pitcher and climbed onto a chair to reach the plants. Now he stood up and went just behind her. She reached back and pulled her panties up into kind of a thong so her ass cheeks were right in front of him at eye level! She said she could feel his eyes on her bottom. She managed to splash a little water on the front of her bra before finishing, and it was clinging to her breasts in spots here and there. Done with the plants, she leaned back against the counter and just let him stare her body as they talked a bit more.

    On her way back upwards and, for ending the show, she passed the mirror at the top of the stairs and stopped for a moment to take in just how close to naked she had been in front of the boy and how excited she felt. She went to the bathroom, closed the door, stripped off her underwear to take a bath.

    Fifteen minutes later, he knocked on the door and asked if he could come in!! That surprised her as she never thought it could occur. She thought an answer but before she could speak he came in, stood there and watched when she was naked in the tub!!!

    Fortunately the bath water was deep enough and soapy enough to give her some coverage, however, she slid down a bit so her breasts were mostly hidden. She was nervous and also very anger but tried to act like nothing unusual was happening. They chatted a bit but she was too embarrassed to think much. As they talked about everything, she was blushing read since the soap was slowly diluting in the water and soon he could see her whole body naked.

    Suddenly we heard the living room door opening and her mother saying hello!!!! He ran out of the bathroom and went downstairs. She quickly stood up, wet and naked, closed the door firmly, took a towel and rubbed herself dry. Then she wrapped up and walked out to her room where her clothes were.

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    Wow! Just wow!

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    amazing story if it's real, a lucky boy you got ;) and en open minded women :)

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    Your son is probably having the time of his life.

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    right behind you


    Pics or it didn't happen. :)

    Haha, in all seriousness, I have a hard on now because of this and need to go jack it!

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    awesome and well written

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    Sucks that you are passing this off as your own. I read a better and longer version on another website with sister in place of girlfriend.
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