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Thread: Other Voy claims his area and wants to set me a trap (true story!)

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    Default Other Voy claims his area and wants to set me a trap (true story!)

    here is a crazy but true story which I have experienced about 2 weeks ago.
    about 1 year ago I met another voy guy lurking around the same area as I use to. I met the guy and have spoken to him and he is still a young one at the age of 20.... he is new into voy and trying hes luck getting some views and recordings with hes mobile phone.
    the past 1 year we never had any issues getting into our way but 2 weeks ago I was about to record one of the MOST hot girls getting ready for mast, but that guy also wanted to get to that spot. as I was already there recording some hot action he called the cops.
    I didnt notice that he called the cops but I have seen him passing the road with hes bike several times, I was sure he was checking the scene. about 15min later I have seen a police car approaching the street nearby and stopping next to the building. at that moment I was sure they where coming at my spot and trying to find me in the dark.
    I left the window into the opposite direction, removed my SD Card from the HD cam, I hid the Cam in a nearby tree and the SD Card I hid below some leaves about 20 meters away from the tree. than I left the scene....
    about 50meters away from the scene the Police already approached me and ask me to stop and identify myself.
    I told the officer that I dont need to itentify myself "as per our law", he agree.. but he ask me what I was doing in this area and show me what you have recorded on your mobile phone.
    I showed him that I have nothing on my mobile phone.
    Police officer ask me if I carry any other recording devices with me? My reply, no I do not carry any other recording devices with me.
    Police officer ask me again, what are you doing in this area?
    I ask if its illegal to have a walk in this area.. hes reply was "no"..
    so, I asked the Police officer what is the problem,.. he told me that somebody reported to the Police that someone was standing in the front of a window in this area..
    I have replied, this is not my problem, I am just having a walk and want to go home to sleep "its getting late"..
    Police officer replied, where do you live? My answer, street xyz..
    Police officer ask,.. what are you doing in this area, it is not near your home?
    My answer,.. I am having a big walk and needed to take a piss at this tree, you can check the gras, its still wet.
    At this moment another Police officer arrived at the scene.
    The new Police officer told me to wait.
    The other Police officer took hes flashlight and searched the area for any hidden devices, he was searching about 5minutes.
    The Police officer comes back and says to hes partner,.. I didnt find anything.


    The Police officer ask me to wait.. one guy appears with hes bicycle..
    The Officer asked the guy, is this the guy who was standing in front of the window?
    The guy looks at me, I recognise him, he recognises me..
    He tells the Police,.. no I can not say if it was this guy, I could only see a shadow standing near the window.
    The Officer, in front of the window or near the window.
    The guy, near the window, but I think in front of the window, but I can not identify who the person was.

    The Officer, ok you can go.. the guy leaves the scene..

    The Officer to me, you can leave but you are not allowed to return to this area (and everything within 10miles) for the next 24hours.
    I answer, ok no problem.. and I left..

    Now,.... this story continues as I had to go back to the scene and get my Cam and SD card

    I was sure that the Police will go back to the scene at the next day when there is more light to search the area for any hidden devices, so I had to go back to that area later that night to get my equipment before the Police will find it.

    First I went home to cook something to eat, I had a nice dinner and waited about 2 hours.
    I changed my cloth and left my home about 2 AM for another walk (to that area where I hide the equipment).
    As I know that area very well I made myself a plan how I can get to that area without need of using any official streets.
    It took me about 1hour to walk up a hill and reach the place nearby. I checked if there are any flashlights, if I could hear any voices talking.. I was really paranoid and thought there could be any Police hiding behind some trees etc...
    I noticed that there was no sign of any activity.. however, I was sure they could set up some photo traps, but after some thoughts I tought they dont have enough traps to put allover the place.. so if they will set some traps they will do it near the window where I was peeping..
    So, I decided to approach the area where I hide the equipment from another side.
    I slowly walked to the place where I hide the Cam.. my heart started to beat faster and faster, my brain started to manipulate my thougths (the police is hiding and waiting, they will catch you, you will go to jail.....)..
    All this went through my brain, but I told myself.. no, its to late, the Police will not wait 4 hours here at this scene to catch me.
    Nobody will wait 4hours for such a small case.. my brain still replies "you are going to jail"..

    Nevertheless, I answered to my brain... yes I will go to jail if I dont get my Cam and SD card now, if the Police will find it tomorrow at daylight and find my fingerprints than I will go to jail.. now go get the equipment..

    Ok,..... I walked slowly to the spot where I hide the Cam.. I waited for 5 seconds, listen if there are any voices, anybody walking, anything suspicious.. nothing, all clear..
    Ok,..... I took the Cam and put into my Jacked..
    Now I told myself, lets wait 10seconds.. If the Police comes now than they will catch me only with the Cam but with no prove that I have recorded anything as I dont have the SD Card with me.
    I was waiting another 10seconds..
    Now I approach the area where I hide the SD Card.. I search for the SD Card and I find it, I have it in my hands..
    Now I start to walk away from the area, faster and faster.. my heart is beating faster and faster..
    I am still walking and I am about 100miles way from the scene, now I start to run up the hill and run run run.....

    After 3minutes running I take a rest... yessssssss, I made it...

    It took me about 60minutes to get home, and that was again a very long way.. but to make it short.. I made it..
    I got my equipment and the SD Card..

    But, that other stupid Voy has messed up that area.
    I think I will not be able to go back to that area and I believe he also is not going to be able to go back to that area.
    Since that night I can see a Drone in the sky around that area, therefore that place is not safe at the moment, maybe in 3-6month again.

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    I am still walking and I am about 100meters (not miles) way from the scene, now I start to run up the hill and run run run.....
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    what a dick head. I'm a spiteful jerk if I ever saw him I'd call the cops on him in a heartbeat if i were you
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    "I promise to never, under any circumstances, share/post/trade any original materials that you send me, without your express permission, ever. I expect you to abide by the same strict policy where my material is concerned. This agreement must hold forever, even years after we have traded files and are no longer in contact."

    I take this agreement seriously and I refuse to trade with folks who don't.

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    That's a heartbreaking Story... Thank goodness nothing happened
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    A thrilling story

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    holy shit.

    be safe.

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    Another cool story bro, keep writing them

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    I would've asked the police to search the other guys phone.

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    I am very scared just to read this. Very close call.

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    I am impress at how well you handled it under pressure.

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