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Thread: Hanging up my bag and camera after too close a call

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    I would say go with your gut.

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    Glad you made it out ok, buddy. I've only had one truly close call before, and I posted it on Punnett's Post in the members' section. I think often about how much I have to lose and whether or not it's worth it, but then I just go right back to it every time. No question it's an addiction like any other. I've quit drinking, quit tobacco, but I still haven't managed to quit this. I say take this opportunity to het out while you can, if you can. Because voyeur careers never end with a retirement ceremony. Usually a conviction.
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    I imagine we all go through this from time to time. I too have had many close calls, chased by LE while window peeping and trailed by store security while upskirting. The worst was getting my tag called in and having the police call me the next day. Luckily I had an alibi. I'll stop for a while but then continue when things settle down. If raided I'd serve time and lose my family, job, etc... This tells me it's an addiction.

    I don't post but trade. If those traders were careless it would ruin many lives.

    After much thought I'm hanging it up for good too. I'm certainly not judging others and understand the appeal to this hobby. It's just something I can no longer be a part of.
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    Some things to consider:

    1. I really don't get the attraction to upskirting anymore. Yes, I loved to do it when I was younger. But eventually you realize that you are risking your life for..... panties. That's it. Panties. The odds of getting commando shots are close to nil anymore. A lot of girls are wearing spanx so you don't even get panty shots. It is NOT worth risking your life for panties.

    2. Voyeuring with a bag is just too obvious. If you are going to do this, use a shoe cam. It is possible to make one that no one will suspect. And as long as you don't shove your foot where it doesn't belong, then no one will suspect you (see #3 below though). Walking by a dressing room door and stopping to fiddle with the pile of clothes you intend to try on is all that is necessary to get a peek at someone changing close. As per #1 above, make sure it is WORTH it. Watch what the lady is taking back with her. Bras, panties, and swim suits are ideal. Jeans and shirts aren't worth pursuing.

    3. You went to the same place 200 times??? That is a serious issue. Especially with a bag cam. Security is going to sniff you out and start recognizing you. You are lucky you lasted this long.

    I hear you and applaud the fact that you are now thinking with the correct "head". Giving it up is not a bad idea. I don't do it anymore either because I just have too much to lose and it takes more time than I am willing to spend. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't take advantage of a situation if it arose.

    If you don't want to give it up completely, then that's fine. Just be sure to start weighing the risks and understanding your level of risk tolerance. If you have a very low tolerance for risk (like me), then you will back WAY off and only go after sure things with very little risk of repercussions. It is possible to be "semi retired" from the game and still have fun now and then. You just need to work harder at it.

    Final word... don't be afraid to use your eyes. Get creative. You don't need things to be on camera and video evidence can be used against you. Look for special ways that you can voy with your eyes.

    Look at shiny floors and angles. When a woman goes into the restroom and swings the door wide open, can you use the reflection on the floor inside the restroom to see under a stall? How about looking into the base of a clothing rack? Some of them have very shiny mirror-like surfaces. You can stand on the other side of a rack, look down like you are looking at clothing, and see right up a woman's skirt if she is standing on the other side.

    Use your imagination and creativity. Go on a quest to find a new and ingenious way of voyeuring and getting your kicks WITHOUT risking your freedom. Good luck.

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    Just a tip for all voyeurs always go into peeping with the plan that you WILL get caught this time. Be prepared for that time, practice. No matter what it is, always have a reason you are there or doing that or at least a way out of the situation.

    Example for this situation of yours since you were using your cell phone to record you should carry a backup "CLEAN" cell phone that looks the same as the other one. When he was telling you to open your phone freak out on him and ask him who the hell he is and that you're not giving him your phone. Then put your "DIRTY" phone in your pocket really quick where you already have your "CLEAN" cell phone. After he explains why he wants you to show him your phone and you calm down a second pull out your clean phone and give it to him to go through. He will find nothing, then he will even apologize to you and let you go. Might even be able to get something out of him for embarrassing you like that. 99 percent of people will not even think you have 2 phones and will not think to look any further after you let them go through your phone. :-) Point is if you are prepared you will be caught you can handle almost any situation. Stay safe.
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