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Thread: Hanging up my bag and camera after too close a call

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    I would say go with your gut.

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    Glad you made it out ok, buddy. I've only had one truly close call before, and I posted it on Punnett's Post in the members' section. I think often about how much I have to lose and whether or not it's worth it, but then I just go right back to it every time. No question it's an addiction like any other. I've quit drinking, quit tobacco, but I still haven't managed to quit this. I say take this opportunity to het out while you can, if you can. Because voyeur careers never end with a retirement ceremony. Usually a conviction.
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    I imagine we all go through this from time to time. I too have had many close calls, chased by LE while window peeping and trailed by store security while upskirting. The worst was getting my tag called in and having the police call me the next day. Luckily I had an alibi. I'll stop for a while but then continue when things settle down. If raided I'd serve time and lose my family, job, etc... This tells me it's an addiction.

    I don't post but trade. If those traders were careless it would ruin many lives.

    After much thought I'm hanging it up for good too. I'm certainly not judging others and understand the appeal to this hobby. It's just something I can no longer be a part of.
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