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Thread: Voyeurism in Travel

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    Default Voyeurism in Travel

    Hi! Recently i posted a thread up here asking yall about voyeur locations in Barcelona. Now i didnt get any responses unfortunately. But i just arrived back and figured id relate to you on my best experiences to help out people in the future.

    First things first i dont consider myself a sex tourist. I live somewhere very prude in europe, (duh guessing where is simple) and i travel alot to the better parts of europe as a hobby. So through my travels ive had quite some experiences from which id guess yall can learn too.

    Here i have categorised stuff based on the countries which they were in.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • The red light district in Amsterdam is arguably the best in the world. Youd probably not see real sex unless you went inside so it wouldnt be an ideal voyeuristic situation.

    • Saunas here are quite rebelious. On most occassions nudity is a must. Sneaking in cameras here thus would be impossible.

    Rome, Italy
    • When in rome!! Well dont be in rome unless its summer . So firstly lets look at it on the aspect of upskirts....
    A) Vatican City
    Yes:p The holy city it is. As you enter the city youd see the vast open spaces with its edges consisting of steps in many places. If your lucky enough to travel in summer. You should see plenty (hundreds) of people sitting along them. Surprisingly alot of girls even im skirts sit with their legs up and slightly spread making viewing that piece of cotton quite easy.
    B) The Spanish steps
    These are pretty much in the center of the city and a major attraction. When i went to visit it was unfortunately under construction😭. But oh well.
    C) The Trevi fountain
    So here you should know that the fountain is based on a level that is about 1 metre give or take under ground (in retorespect). So when you reach the base if you look up in the right angle seeing up a skirt is quite easy.

    With regard to the Pantheon and Colloseum id say not as much but also id say to visit them not only for the beauty of them but also for the fact that ive noticed that the most skimpy dresses are seen on tourists and not locals. So my advice for you is to visit as many touristic sights as possible. Therell be plenty of crowds and in some occassion u could get squished in massivs masses of human flesh allowing you to grab a quick feel or even an upskirt if your clever enough about it.

    The next aspect we'll look to is kinda different. It could result well or not so much based on your luck.
    A) Changing rooms
    • So i might have told you that i dont really go to the extent of recording women cuz i dont have the equipment nor the courage. (I have recorded on many an occassion dont get me wrong) but recorsing changing rooms with my phone is pretty much a big no no.
    • My best experience here came at a ZARA. Via del Corso, 189, 00186 Roma RM, Italy <- particularly this one. On the 1st floor were the changing rooms. Which to my luck (i brought my mother with me on this trip and she had shopping to do). So what makes these chamging rooms so great is A) they were totally made out of curtains. Meaning only one side faced the wall. And the others swayed gently whenever. Thus making a voyeur through a curtain wasnt particularly hard at all.
    B) The best part was that they had black glistning tiles on the roof! Which provided an extremely clear reflection. Again o sprted out angles and could thus look into 3/5 of the changing rooms. And it was then that to my luck a woman rmoved her bra and i got sight of the most beautiful pair of boobs 😌. Again i didnt record it. Would have looked weird (i loomed so anyway cuz i was randomly staring at the ceiling lmao. Im confident that if id been provided more time (Couldnt mum finished shopping) i would have seen a pussy too. But alas no that wasnt the case. So if you are going remember to look up. Ofcourse please dont record i feel. Cuz that would ruin the experience for all the pther guys who go here. Also im not entirely sure whether those changing rooms were permanent or temporary. So the management might have changed it figuring what was happening out.

    Barcelona, Spain
    •Barca, Barca has the best beach in the world unarguabely. It has no policy with regard to beach rules. Thus its not uncommen to see girls in prude one suits, to girls in fitting bikinis, to toplesa girls all the way to fully nude girls. So i find this totally arousing cuz i might actually see one nude girl in the mix of many non nudes. Which is great. My suggestion would be the northern most end end of barceloneta. La mar bella would be good too yet thats slightly off towards yhe forum and its a Gay beach so therll be plenty of naked guys.
    • Cars. So as i was on a hop off hop on tour i was lucky enough or unlucky (i dont really comprehend what i saw)to see a guy jerking off. Hed just about cum and was wiping his cock with a towel. Now i must say i wasnt turned on by this by any means. But it also made me think i coupd catch girls going through the ritual. Unfortuantely i didnt. But I did on the other hand get hope. And car watching (though it is an annoying ritual) can work out quite well. Again you need luck. But when you see something you dont expect its great right guys😏.
    •La Rambla. Prostitutes at night so watch out you may get a flash

    Changing Rooms
    •Again i wasnt lucky enough to find shops with male and female fitting rooms on the same floor with opened bottoms at the sides to use my phone to record underneath. (Cuz unfortunately now all changing rooms are curtain fronts and hard sides that go down right to the bottem *roll of eyes*)
    Yet i did find one particularly interesting spot

    Desigual on La Rambla
    • So here you see dressing rooms with doors like in cow boy movies (doors tp enter bars? French windows whatever u call them). Yet luckily the doors here dont have locks!! So you could actually walk in on someone by mistake while the changing room lady from desigual goes to find a jacket for u. Or ypu could casually look through the gap where the doors meet. And yea i saw some boobs this way so..... it is possible!!
    • Aand nope i didnt find any other places so guys please update up here if you do.

    Madrid, Spain
    • When i went off to madrid i stayed for about 1 day so i didnt see much but i did manage to record a good old upskirt.
    • For those of you who know the Prado Museum is ome of the finest art museums in the world. So here everyday from 1800h-2000h you can visit it for free. So here people stand in a long line from about 5.15pm waiting for entrance. When i got there i was to my luck placed behind a girl in a skirt. So this queue of people falls along a path with a short railing very much like a step to gard people from stepping on the grass. So after placing myself behind this girl i sat myself down on the railing. Right behind her. I acted like i was using my phone. Put it to background recording and casually spread my arms while getting an upskirt. Then i kept my phome on my foot like i was bored and casually moved my foor under her skirt. It was actually quite risk free cuz no one could get what i was doing. I was outside so there were no CCTV cameras and i caught a blue panty shot. Again i wished for more but oh well. So if you go to see this i suggest you wait for a girl in a skimy skirt (look for ones sans bras they are likely tp go pantyless or in a thong) and set yourself. carefully. Also bear in mind that most women get tired of standing and eventually shit down on the rail providing lots of upskirt opportunities.

    Munich, Germany
    • So munich has lots of Saunas and as we know, sauna culture he is FKK(Free body concept). So i suggest you find one. I remember Dantebad is famous for having a coed locker room. So youll be lucky enough to see nude girls walking around and maybe even one shaving their legs!
    • The english garden traditionally has a nude section. In which people strip off completley. So on a summers day you should be able to see some stuff...

    Prague, Czech Republic
    • I havent been here but my friend who visited told me what to put up here. So prague being a cold country means you probably wont see short skirts and no bras. Yet if your lucky on a summers day you can go through pragues many parks (like letna) and probably see some topless girls. Again this is totally weather dependent as prague gets quite chilly and rainy often.
    • Try out their Saunas. Again just like Munich and Amsterdam youll see plenty of nudity. Go to the spa city of Karlovy Vary if you have time.
    • Prague offers lots of escort services and so on. They in fact have a club called sauna club with nude girls to watch. But again they offer services for money so if your okay with it id suggest you tried. But becareful cuz these women actually do this on a daily basis and god knows how many cocks with STDs go in their pussies. I prague you see erotic massage parlours with women who offer happy ending massages. Mostly theyll probably jerk you off. But you cam pay for extra services. Again you must use a condom but remember STDs like herpes actually spread through contact so you could still get it. If your brave. again id reccomend a Nuru massage which is a full body massage in which the masseuse rubs her entire body on you, her lips on your cock. Statistics show that the chance of getting an STD like this is very low. But id suggest you dont destroy your own life for 1hr of pleasure. Be safe!!
    • When it comes to changing rooms.... my friend visited alot of shops here and he says "Mango" near wencelacas square would be your best choice. It offers unisex changing rooms and curtains. So you can place yourself in the mens clothes section and actually voyeur the dressing rooms. And being european women. They dont really bother about making sure the curtain is fully closed so, if you look in at the right angle you can see her reflection through the mirror!! Try it out. Recodring again wouldnt work.

    My list ends here.

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    thanks very much for the report. i love this sort of stuff. i'm always looking for good voyeur vacation opportunities to take note of. did you actually go in the sauna? i've wondered if it actually would be impossible to sneak a cam in. they usually allow you to bring in shower shoes and a towel, don't they? a very small cam could be snuck in there i'd think. something like an 808 may work, but i'd be concerned with the moisture from the sauna affecting it. that's something you could put between your foot and the sandal and sneak it in. just don't apply pressure lmao. even a gopro hero could probably be snuck in. whatever room you go into to undress in, grab the gopro from your pocket and hide it inside your towel while undressing and then once you walk in the room just palm the camera. it's 1.5 inch cubed so it could be doable. even if you can't palm it, you can probably cover it under your towel pretty well to be able to film.

    again, fantastic post all around. one of my favorites on this forum. i wish more people here would offer insight onto locations and ideas where you can get some wins. a euro voyeur vacation is definitely in my future, hopefully sometime in the next few years.

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