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Thread: I do come here for the entertainment value but...

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    Default I do come here for the entertainment value but...

    Reading some of these posts make me wonder WTF? You got people wanting to dress up as cross-dressers. People who risk everything to get a shot of the top of a chicks head while she's taking a turd because that is the only angle they can get a camera. Come on people think consequences! It's all about risk vs. reward! Is what you are going to capture worth the risk of getting caught? Are you putting yourself in a bad situation? Now, some people that is why they do this hobby. They do it for the rush. Still, reading some of these posts do make me laugh. It would be interesting to hear from people who got busted by family or coworkers and what they went through.
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    nearly all of what is uploaded here could get the shooter sent to jail. crazy enough, it actually might be less risky to go cross dressing than to go upskirting. if you're caught upskirting then you're fucked plain and simple. if someone actually had the balls to go cross dressing shooting then they've got the biggest balls on the planet. if they can't break the encryption and prove you were filming, you could easily get off the hook. many places these days do allow you to pick the dressing room of your choice. pick up a religion and then call yourself a closeted transgender that can't come out otherwise you'll be stoned or disowned or some shit lmao.

    they'd still be better off just paying some drug addict to go film for them, but fuck that. i wouldn't touch cross dressing with a 10 foot pole. way too many variables at play. the people that do pull it off would have to be the most experienced, talented people in the whole voyeur scene.

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    I agree. It is all about risk vs reward. That's why I generally frown at upskirting. These days, your odds of getting something good are close to nil and it is VERY high risk because people are watching for it.

    There is "cross dressing" and then there is "costuming". There is a big difference. I would not cross dress and go into a women's restroom. But I can see how coming up with a good disguise/costume could be a low risk alternative. Think "Mrs. Doubtfire". But you'd have to be VERY good with makeup and costumes. Otherwise, I'd never advise going this route.

    Still... everything we do in life has risks. So it is about finding the level of risk you are wiling to live with. And then... minimizing risk as much as possible with wise choices made with the big brain and not the little one.

    Which is why I don't partake in any of this sort of stuff anymore. I use my eyes. If I can't see it with my eyes in public then I typically don't risk it.


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