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Thread: Teachers

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    Default Teachers

    When I was at high school we organized a fashion show (like a mannequin parade) for saving money for our school trip.
    Several pupils (boys and girls) participated showing clothes over the runway. We also asked three of our teachers to help us as models. Of course we chose the most beautiful ones.

    Patricia, the gym teacher, a pretty brown hair girl in her early twenties, had the best body because of her permanent training. Valeria, the English teacher, a cute brunette in her thirties, always wore blouse and short skirts showing her beautiful legs. The last one was Lucia, the drawing teacher, a young blond attractive woman, in her last twenties, who always dressed a little bit provocative.

    As the school was very little three rooms were conditioned as dressing rooms. The girls used the music classroom, the boys, the secretary workplace and the teachers changed clothes at the teachers’ room.

    These last two rooms were each one next to the other, separated by an old wooden door which had four glass panels where you could see through. For preserving the privacy, these panels were fully covered with newspaper sheets. However, the one who performed that job made a big mistake, because the papers were placed on our side of the glass panels.

    By the time it was the turn of the teachers, a little and timely hole had been made in the paper that covered one of the panels. Memories of that moment always bring a smile to my face when I remember them.

    Patricia was the first one to unzip her jacket revealing her glorious rack in a white cotton bra and took off her pants and revealed matching bottoms. She had that incredible toned body that it was worth enjoying watching. Her stomach was flat and had a nice round belly. Her skin was perfectly golden tanned.

    The next was Valeria. She crossed her arms, took her tank top from the bottom and pulled it up taking it over her head. She was wearing a white and pink lace bra and her boobs were perfectly shaped. Then she took her skirt completely off showing a pair of skimpy black panties. She never looked more stunning.

    The last one was Lucia. Her cute dress came over her head and I got perfect view of her in just a revealing set of red bra and thong (it hardly covered her ass). She had fantastic gravity defying tits, shapely ass, strong legs and thin waist.

    Each one changed about three times, trying dresses and casual wear clothing. I got a great view of them and they had no idea. I have those images recorded in my head forever!!!
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    Very nice!!!

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    Man, that was good, I doubt you could ever forget that. I remember once, when I was in high school maybe around 9th grade. I used to play video games in my sister's room since that's where the TV was. My sister had 2 hot friends. No joke 2 were the hottest in school. Can't say much for my sister since well, she's my sister. Don't find her attractive. Anyway, she asked me to leave the room since they were going to change. Before I left they had gone to the bathroom. We had these Victorian style wooden shades that only covered the bottom half of a window. The rest was draped over by a curtain. Me being quick to think on the spot, I angled the shades to be opened slightly for me to look in from outside. So I left the room and went to the back yard. What I saw next is forever ingrained in my mind. My sister's hottest friend, well known for her big ass, undressed right by the window where I was so I got to see her whole glorious ass. Her other friend was more in the room but I could see her changing her top without a bra. That's all I can really contribute to that time but it's probably the inception of my voyeurism fantasy and persistence to find more. How I wish I could go back to those times with the Technologies we have today so I could see it again.
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    I must have been a voyeur from early days as I remember dropping a pencil behinbd Mrs Armitage a primary school teacher to bend from my class chair and look up her skirt.


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