Do your Girls or Wives know ...

  1. MauriXio
    Do your Girls or Wives know you posted them on TVF ?

    If not, I can understand..

    If yes, what do they think or say ?
  2. supma
    I post my mom nd sister on here. My mom is very conservative and tons of ppl wants to fuck her. I love sharing her tho
  3. NipSip
    Hmmm, it seems that if they do know, it's no longer voyeurism. I've dreamed for years about showing others my wife's body. She knows nothing of my fantasy. Now that I've found this forum and have pictures I'm preparing on the computer, I have to be especially careful that she can't access them.
  4. Batty
    My wife knows I've shown some pictures, but not all. I love the thought of others enjoying her body. And she has enjoyed exposing herself from time to time.
  5. Batty
    My wife is aware I've shown some pictures but not all. She has liked comments received, but prefers I don't show her. Trouble is I think she looks great and love to hear what others think
  6. Helen1989
    She knows that I have shown them to somebody but not that they are in Internet, this is voyeurism
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