Upgraded Server

  1. 010114jw
    Hi all.

    I was able to save a little $$$ from my last paycheck, and I upgraded the streaming server account on mycamconnect.com

    So if there are any group members who want their own login... Go ahead and ask below, here in the thread. I keep running out of space in the pm section, so here at least I'll have a list.

    I upgraded to have enough bandwidth for another 15 users... So first come first served.

    FYI, the mycamconnect.com has the original cam 001 from the nurses bedroom, which I am installing in another nurses actual bedroom next week, AND it has the hidden camera I just installed in the original nurses actual bedroom.

    Both are live streams. I'll be adding the newer cameras there even if I don't put them here. My plans for tvf, are to have only one or two cameras showing at any given time.
  2. Gingeris1
    I would love a login. Can i please have one? Thanks again for your efforts.
  3. m1911a1
    I would love one as well. I've been a huge fan of these love streams.
  4. poolboygv
    I'd like one please
  5. flickralgore
    Can I have one? LOVE the old cam
  6. doc2011
    Yes please and thank you!
  7. crit
    Hey, would love a login. Love your work
  8. sportsfreaky211
    010114jw If that nurse cam offer is still available I would def. love a shot at capturing something. Thanks
  9. m1911a1
    I'ts a shame nothing ever came from this. i wanted to see the nurse naked so bad. It was such a rush to watch her live.
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