Have you ever been with Asian girl (not paying of course)

  1. pretty_bunny
    And then what make us special for you. What are the things you liked the most
  2. PapaPandora

    when my fetish for asians first began, i asked myself that same question. after awhile i quit thinking about it. i dont care what it is that draws me in, as long as it never stops
  3. PapaPandora

    i have never been with an asian. i get the feeling sometime that they hold an ethnic prefferance
  4. pitbull61980
    I have been with a couple and their lil perky tits, perfect nipples, and straight dark hair is what gets me every time!
  5. PapaPandora
    who wants to be my first? hehe. i'm actually in the process of helping someone i met about 10 years ago, obtain a visa to come to the usa. very costly, and not a garenteed acceptance of visa being issued. and its been agreed that me and her are not going to be a couple. we've been best of friends too many years to fuck it up with being a couple. i'm sorry if you cant understand that. we know things about each other that you dont bring into a relationship. i'll leave it at that. probably just blew any chance of meeting an asian here, and may not return having that on my mind...hmmmm.........
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