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by , 11-28-2016 at 09:54 PM (1409 Views)
I'm obsessed with my neighbors. Some of you may have seen my vids.

My best neighbor was a family who moved recently they had a daughter with sheer curtains and she always turned light on and got changed. I tried to record her but my camera sucked at the time and it's all pretty grainy stuff. Then the week before they moved they took down the curtains. I was able to get her and her mothers tits. The new neighbor is not as willing to put on a show for me.

Then i have my other neighbor with the worlds smallest tits. She leaves her windows open and lights on but very low. I've seen her change a few times and last summer when she got a new tattoo she took her shirt off in the bathroom with light on loved seeing her tits.

Now that it is winter time my final neighbor who is a little chunky leaves her curtains open just enough for me to see in and catch her changing her bra at night before bed. I don't know how i got so lucky when i bought this house but i don't plan on moving any time soon. :)

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  1. Oliver_Closehoff's Avatar
    I have a neighbor too that I get to see her going out of the shower almost nightly. I've tried vids and pics but it's too far away. She showers every night at 10:15 pm. But now that it's getting cold, it fogs up in there and I might have to wait until spring again to see her boobies. Too bad she's on the second floor otherwise i'd get closer. I've been looking at her for months now. Sometimes i'll be watching tv and look at the time and ask, do I wanna turn off all the lights and go see her boobies or nah? That's def a luxury.
  2. VoyeurVQ420's Avatar
    I love neighbors also- I have had the good fortune throughout life to have many opportunities there. Had a couple livingnext door across the alley who always left their curtains open- she must have been an exhibitionist at heart. When I was in college I lived in an apartment under a couple of coeds. I remember them getting ready for spring break by trying on different swimsuits. They didn't rea;ize that with their bedroom lights on and it being dark outside the roman shades they had were pretty revealing. But to the present. I have lived in this house for 3 years now. I have a very attractive thin blond MILF on one side. She was on a regular schedule and I could stand in my bathroom and look out through the blinds and if her blinds were turned up the right way I could watch her getting in and out of the shower. I did take some vids but they didn't turn out as nice as the live view. Then after about 2 years I realized my neighbor on the other side left her shades partially down at the top - no idea why. Anyway I would wander by and look out my window only to see the light above her vanity. Then in a mad flash of brilliance - duh - I realized that if I stood on a foot stool and looked through my blinds I could see her getting ready for the shower and getting dried off. I did that for a while and got some decent videos but got greedy. Was looking through one day when it was still light outside - I knew better but the temptation was great. She turned around and I looked at that full bush and those nice tits then realized that she had caught a glimpse of the blinds moving. She didn't react immediately but later the next day I looked and sure enough the blinds were up and have been ever since. I think she has her doubts - she still talks to me - but wont take any chances on leaving her blinds up.
  3. fwanktastic's Avatar
    I loved to watch my neighbors at my old house!! One of the neighbors across the street would mow her lawn in short shorts and a tube top! Had a tiny window in my front door with a great view of her bouncing back and forth. Next door to her was a couple with 2 smokin daughters. One still lived at home, the other visited from time to time. The one who lived at home would occasionally leave her blinds open. I watched her change shirts or pants a few times, but no win :-(
    Her sister posted public on facebook so I would see the occasional bikini or low cut shirt shot... but I think I ruined it when I found her on snapchat... she doesn't post public anymore..
  4. gbr23's Avatar
    yep, some just have the luck with neighbors like that, others not so much...