Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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by , 05-29-2016 at 10:20 PM (1505 Views)
Ok so I'm new to this forum and have posted a few less than risque pictures of my wife I have nude vids and have taken snapshots from them to create pics. I'm not in a great marriage and I know the easy choice is to just post them and be done. My problem is that I read once you post your stuff on here there is no way to delete it unless a moderator does it for you and they aren't always around and some people have said there stuff was never taken down. Then if you do that who is to say someone doesn't take your vid and post it elsewhere. I mean I know a lot of the sites but there is no way someone can check every site. There are way too many forums and posts and blogs, and etc... I never show her face and very few people know what my bedroom looks like. I know i'm just being paranoid but I am so torn on whether to post the nudes or not. I basically get new vids every weekend but its the same thing over and over again I'm pretty sure people would get bored quickly of the same set of tits and pussy. I don't have any chance of other women coming in my house so there is no chance of fresh material. I have been here less that a month but do you think I should post them? Have you ever heard of someone getting caught or in trouble for doing it?

I'll post a few more pics just as a sample.

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  1. crazytext37's Avatar
    I think you should do what you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel safe posting it in public, then don't.

    As for getting bored, I wouldn't. I prefer following the same girl over a period of time rather than getting shots of different random girls.

    I am def interested in your wife, and if you like showing her off, then I will gladly be your public. :) You can PM if you want to chat about her.
  2. crazytext37's Avatar
    So what's your thought process at?
  3. sportsfreaky211's Avatar
    I'm not sure I think 2 people have tried to get me to trade pics/vids with them and I send them other stuff I have and they stop emailing so I'm still cautious. I did learn how to put a watermark on my vids so I think that would help prevent some random publishing but then I'm sure there are sites that don't care and will post anything.
  4. crazytext37's Avatar
    I hear ya. I'm very cautious too. Maybe even too cautious, I think no one liked the pictures I posted, I didn't even get a comment about it or
  5. sportsfreaky211's Avatar
    not sure which pics you're talking about but I have limited access to stuff so i may have missed it. To me it's more about the number of views. I know there are a lot of guests that check out the pics but when it's a vid and the members are looking and not commenting that's frustrating. I mean i know my stuff isn't HD pure voyeur stuff but I have better and would post it with encouragement. LOL I'm thinking of starting a blog dedicated to my wife mostly downblouse, upskirt stuff, for now.
  6. crazytext37's Avatar
    I put them in my thread where I asked advice for my bathroom setup, since they were my bathroom results. It's not in a restricted section. But whatever I guess. I was just trying to give back to the forum, even though it's not HD as you said.
    Let me know if you start something about your wife.
  7. Pashcal's Avatar
    Hi, i have the same problem, i uploadet some pics of my gf but i think nobody saw them, did not get any respons from viewers or comments, but i don t know if i posted them corectly, i don,t even now if anyone saw my pics. First i uploadet 33 photos, then i got paranoid and deleted 28 of them, so yes ypu can take down your photos if you want, at least i could do it.
  8. ramsrm's Avatar
    you wife is so sexy can i chat u on her damn sexy body