Amazing New Camera Review

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by , 04-27-2017 at 11:45 PM (1647 Views)
So I purchased a new toy a few months back (summer of 2016).

Its available on Amazon for $28 and on various Chinese sites for anywhere from $8.99-$60 but I always buy from amazon because of the return policy. VERY IMPORTANT for testing new and untried equipment.

Heres the link to the camera


Ive tried other small form factor cameras before with varying levels of success. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with both the size, and the quality of this little guy.

First the SIZE...!!! WOW. very TINY.blogs/010114jw/attachments/414568-amazing-new-camera-review-71jvqtlgo1l._sl1200_.jpg

Even looking at the picture, I can't really emphasize how small the camera head is. Its tiny. Probably small enough to fit behind an electrical outlet, or even hide in a book or bathroom kit or similar object.

Its basically a battery, which takes up about an inch by two inch area and about half a centimeter thick. I was able to get four hours of recording to a SD Card while also connected WiFi, from the camera on this battery.


But it also has a tiny micro USB (same as most android phones) charge port, which I tested running from a car charger, a battery pack with USB out, and a wall charger from my phone. When plugged in it runs continuously.

A ribbon connector about 6 inches long connects the batter and WiFi/camera controller chip to the camera module and lens.

I wouldn't call this rugged as its really meant to be installed INSIDE something, but overall, I was comfortable with the build quality and didn't feel that it would come apart in my hands or anything.

The true beauty of this gadget was when I went to use it for the first time. It has an ios and an android app that uses a peer to peer connection protocol. That means that nice you set it up, you don't need to open ports on a router or ANYTHING to connect to it. Instead, you have a 15-20 alphanumeric string that you type in, or scan the qr code, you enter a password, and you have instant access to the camera.

Once your in, you can control recording rules, pull snapshots or video clips remotely to your phone, wipe the memory, or watch in real time.

The quality was not fantastic, but definitely decent. Probably better than 90% of the older dr bids or pool cabin bids from analog days lol, and about even with older iPhone vids. Where it suffered was past a 20 foot range, things started getting blurry or out of focus. However, for a small office, or bedroom sized space, or for under a dashboard in the passenger side of my car... quality of the image was more than sufficient.

As I get some footage or picks, I'll be sure to share some.

I'll add some pictures of my setup, as well as some demos of how easy it was to set up and use right out of the box later.

For now, here are some more shots of the camera itself, starting with what comes out of the box

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  1. 010114jw's Avatar
    So, I was hoping some of our camera mod experts could make some suggestions or post pictures of ways we could use this camera. I'll post some here as well in the comments as I finish building my new shampoo bottle cam using the Tao cam module.

    If you have any suggestions or if you've tried this camera yourself, Id welcome tour feedback or thoughts.
  2. kiwiallah's Avatar
    Have a look for my posts in the Discussion section - I use basically the same camera as this & have posted a few times about the steps to get it into deodorant cans & have included pics with some posts.

    Will be watching your progress with the shampoo bottle mounting.

    the only issue i have with these is that the FOV isn't great on the lense - i tend to use mine in "Close Up" situations so i have found that if i mount it portrait rather that landscape i get more "Head to Toe" coverage of a standing target.
  3. 010114jw's Avatar
    I think your posts might have been my original inspiration to go with the shampoo bottle.

    My main issue with this camera is the lack of focus past ten feet or so, but like you said, for close up shots its not bad. I do see what you mean about rotating it to portrait. The video capture is better for full body shots instead of the whole room. I guess for room shots landscape is better as I stand a better chance of getting 'something' whereas for shots from inside the shampoo bottle, a portrait orientation will definitely get me more.

    Thanks for that suggestion.

    I'm assuming you then just rotate any sideways footage using premier or another video editing software?
  4. fakeidentity1982's Avatar
    Just bought this new toy as recommended. I'm wondering whether I got a faulty unit as connecting it with USB to power doesn't seem to do anything. Am not sure whether it can charge. Anyone has advise?
  5. fakeidentity1982's Avatar
    Just an add on note... my camera was faulty... and I informed Amazon. Good news was they gave me a full refund.

    I'm not saying the cam is not good, just that my experience with some of this mini cams, they're not very durable. My case, probably the camera got damaged when being delivered.
  6. fasdifdsjf's Avatar
    @fakeidentity1982: If you charge the camera there is no LED on or something, but it's charing though! No indicator.
    But I also had very bad experiences with those cameras. I had 4 of them and they all failed after a few times. Can't recommend buying.